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Bell's Bridge

I was standing in contemplative mood on Bell’s Bridge this afternoon when two young ladies carrying commercially branded paper coffee cups bore down upon me in loud and animated conversation.

T’ane: “It would never work economically.”

T’ither: “Of course it wouldn’t!”

T’ane: “…But I’m amazed at the amount of idiots I know wearing Yes t-shirts! I say, “What! Have you had your brains sucked out?””

The ladies then hove to westward and out of earshot, proceeding majestically towards BBC Scotland’s citadel at Pacific Quay.

Sadly, I was not wearing my Leith Says Aye t-shirt. I was about to be interviewed about huts by STV and didn’t want to mix my messages. ‘Not sure where my brains are now.

…with grateful acknowledgement to Robert Garioch, the bard.